So much fun!

Bred by the Dragon Prince
I have to say, I had a great time writing Bred by the Dragon Prince. I started off with the image of a beauty pageant winner who’d “won” a one-way trip to a monster’s lair, but I didn’t know she’d be such a fiery lass until I was well into the story. I hope it takes off like the Minotaur story has, since I actually have some ideas for a draconian sequel or two.

I’m mulling over plans for a chubby chaser incubus next. Tired of that Freshman 15? Just whip out your Ouija board and summon up … Freddy? Kinky Inky? I have no idea yet!

A new series is born

I just wrote and uploaded two quick spicy shorts for a new series called School Slut Spankings.

Spanked by my ProfessorIn the first one, Spanked by my Professor

Sexy sorority girl Kerry Carpenter never dreamed she’d be caught cheating — or that her chemistry professor would dare to spank her for it!  She’s sure she can handle the punishment, but she wasn’t counting on the sparks flying between her and the professor.  When the strange attraction between them goes critical, will they be able to resist each other?  Warning!  This 4,700 word story contains bare bottom spanking and bareback sex between a hot young student and her older teacher!

Summer School Sex

And in the second, Summer School Sex,

Kerry Carpenter is home from college and she’s bored.  On a rainy day, she sneaks in to her old high school, and she’s wandering the halls of her school library when she runs into Mr. Stewart!  Kerry’s always had a crush on the hot middle-aged British librarian.  Can she use her wiles to coax the teacher into giving her the spanking and fucking she so badly needs?

Warning!  This 4,100 word short story contains a brisk spanking to warm you up, delicious oral sex to tantalize you, and sizzling hot sex between an older man and a younger woman to finish you off!

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New cover

When I first published Joining the Pack last week, I was pretty happy with the cover.

Joining the Pack image


The tattoo looks pretty good, the suggestion of moonlight is pretty subtle, the text is very readable, and it’s got just a bit of contrast.  Usually my covers have more color and pop, but this is a very masculine cover for a gay erotic short.

But as I wrote the followup story, I realized I wanted a western themed cover.  It’s hard to put a strong sense of location in a short erotic piece (and that’s why I think many authors exclusively write pieces that could be set anywhere in the US / the world).  But I like trying for that sense of place, and Trevor’s story is set in a small town in Montana.  Font is one of the few ways we have to communicate sense of place to a browsing reader, so I picked a gothic western font for Book 2, High Mountain Moon.  That western cover looked pretty jarring against the “anywhere” Joining the Pack cover, so I redid JTP.

Joining the Pack image


I like it better for the overall story arc!  What do you think?  Old cover or new cover?

New release: High Mountain Moon

High Mountain Moon image

I’ve just published the sequel to Joining the Pack!

Newly changed werewolf Trevor is introduced to the pack by his lover, Sam. Sheila, the alpha, takes a very personal interest in the young bi wolf.  After a passion-filled night fucking her, Trev still has to survive his first full moon — and his first gangbang! Warning! This 6,900 word story contains explicit m/f sex, shifted sex, gay sex, oral, anal, and a rough gangbang!


It will be available at the usual retailers:  Amazon | B&N | iTunes | Kobo.
It’s up!  Check the books tab for links to your favorite retailers!

I’ve got one more story in the works to wrap up Trevor and Sam’s love story, then I’ll move on.  Well, to be totally honest, I’m excited to write a couple more stories set in the same universe!  Sheila the alpha and the nameless redheaded she-wolf both need mates, too.  But I’ll see how Trevor’s sales go before I spend too much more time in the Montana by Moonlight world.

Other stories I’m thinking about… I’m considering a Viking abduction virgin breeding trilogy, where the MC gets a HEA with a good Viking at the end.  And a billionaire story, with a feisty farmgirl who moves to the big city, meets a self-absorbed startup billionaire, and wins his heart before she realizes she’s lost her own.


Hello and welcome!

The first post on a blog is always the most awkward, and this site is no exception.  Hello, future reader, and welcome to the beginning of!

The site is shaping up pretty well!  Going through all of my prior works (twenty as of today!) is always tedious and cringe-worthy.  I like each story I write as I publish it  - but I hope I’m always improving, and my earliest works are a little embarrassing to January 2013 Bellatrix.  What a trite plot!  What clumsy prose.  Always one more typo to hunt down.

I’m really happy to have a permanent home on the internet.  Hopefully, I’ll never have to recreate my bibliography from scratch again and I can just add new books as I publish them, and new links as I distribute them through other sites!

What’s coming up:  I have a few more werewolf ideas, for direct sequels to Joining the Pack (A | BN | iT).  I’ve already written half of a sequel to Southern Submission (Amazon exclusive), but I got stuck — hopefully my subconscious can work through whatever’s wrong and I can finish that!